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Discover How to Get a Personal Breakthrough [VIDEO]
Breakthrough Beyond Limits is a content rich, 2-Day transformational training where you learn how to turn the impossible into possible.
Learn to improve how you think, communicate and feel. This is a leading edge training and has improved the careers, businesses and lives of thousands of Australians. Experience a transformation for yourself.
You'll be learning powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques that many of the world's best coaches and transformational experts utilise to help their clients and students.
Rik Schnabel is a highly skilled and respected trainer of NLP, Life Coaching, Public Speaking and Trainers Training. Over the last 13 years he has completed over 20,000 hours teaching and coaching. He has written three best-selling books and is renowned brain untrainer.
Discover how to close the gap between your dreams and your reality. Learn how to align your goals with your mindset.
This training is ideal for:
  • Anyone wishing to learn how to shift their thinking into a growth mindset
  • Life Coaches, Practitioners, Psychologists and Healers
  • Leaders and Managers who want to know how we really tick
  • Parents who want to create more family harmony
  • People who want to transition career or into a new business
  • In fact, anyone who wants to learn how to master their mindset
Breakthrough gave me a strategy for courage
"Before Breakthrough I was so afraid to complete an ocean marathon. I walked out of the weekend feeling like I could walk on water, my beliefs had changed and I knew that I could achieve anything. Gratification is beyond words." - Samantha Catlow
I learned how to massively increase my income by removing fear
"Just loved the process for getting rid of fear! Breakthrough is perfect for anyone who wants more out of life!" - Hector Ojea
I found my true purpose

"Rik helped me to stop hiding and allowed me to understand the importance of my true purpose. He shared his own stories of similar fears, and helped me to shift those limiting beliefs which were holding me back from doing what I truly love. I now have a coaching business which is getting busier every week. - Carly Sinclair, Life Coach